What does the footage exclusivity mean?

Story & Heart is an exclusive platform for licensing your footage. All you are saying by agreeing to exclusivity is that you are agreeing to give Story & Heart exclusive permission to license footage on your behalf, and that you won’t give any other online licensing platforms or site these permissions. That’s it! Just permission.

This does not affect your clients or project deliverables, or where and how you choose to display your films. You also retain the right to give your footage away however you see fit, and you can also work with agencies to license your footage directly with them if you so choose. 

This does, however pertain to all of your footage — not just footage you choose to submit to Story & Heart. And we know that can sound a little scary. But we're filmmakers to. We couldn’t find a safe place for our own footage, so we’ve banded together to make it happen. Our goal is to create a safe haven for your footage, as well become a prime destination for content creators looking for unique content.

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