Does this footage have Model or Property Releases?

The releases you may need are wholly dependent on your final use. Commercial films, for example, have much more stringent requirements for releases than a documentary.

With that though, we do our best here to ensure that every single clip we share on Story & Heart is cleared for any use, to the best of our knowledge, whenever a person or piece of property is considered generally recognizable. What does this mean? Before a story is approved, we review every single clip, and insist on releases whenever a need for one is identified. If there is no release available, it does not go up on the platform for licensing. Simple as that. As well, we double check the language to ensure the permissions extend to other licensee's such as yourself, or your client. 

When requested, we can share all available releases with you for a particular story or clip you have in mind. You can then take that wording to your legal team and ensure it covers the breadth and scope of the specific project you are building. Just reach out to

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