How can I maximize my search results?

Story & Heart’s platform is organized using a whole wealth of keywords that refer to all kinds of aspects of the stories you can discover. In order to give you an idea of what is searchable, check out the list of criteria below. Within each category, you can start by searching for words that correspond to each:

  • Subject: This refers to both the objects in the story and the way those objects move. The easiest is to think in terms of nouns and adjectives: People, places and things and words to help better describe them.
  • Emotion / Mood / Purpose: What emotion are you trying to express with your story? What is the tone of your narrative? From happy to harrowed, from sad to sedentary, get creative (and maybe get a thesaurus)!
  • Action: What are your subjects doing? This can be as simple as searching for verbs.
  • Location: Be it continent, country, region, state, province, city, town, or your favorite picnic spot under that big tree in the park, this refers to the place in which the story was filmed.
  • Time: It may be fleeting, but everything from year, to season, to month, to time of day and spot on the lunar calendar is game for searching for stories from the perspective of the time in which the story was filmed.

To maximize your results, enter only the keywords, not full sentences. For example: running + joyful + mountains

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