How will I know if I need a Standard or an Extended license?

The quick answer:

If at any point there is an exchange of consideration in order for anyone to access your Licensed Work, you’ll need an Extended License. An exchange of consideration is what happens when others obtain permission to use your individually copyrighted pieces of work, and then compensate you appropriately for that permission. Compensation often converts to money, but can also legally take the form of an exchange of products or services, or even, say, eggs or high fives or lawn mowings, or whatever, as long as you’re cool with that.

Here are some common examples we’ve pulled together that might help you determine which license is the right fit!

Media in which a Standard License would be acceptable include:

  • Proof of Concept videos;
  • Business presentations;
  • Online advertising / marketing through your social media channels;
  • Online advertising / marketing through your company website;
  • Independent films presented for free viewings, which would encompass film festivals;
  • Videos shown for a church congregation;
  • Mobile applications free to access and download;
  • Digital signage, kiosks, and collateral for public events;
  • Movie trailers accessible without an exchange of consideration.

And, now for another helpful list! Media in which an Extended or Choice license would be most acceptable include:

  • Digital games for sale;
  • Mobile applications either for sale or that provide access to the Licensed Work via in-app purchases;
  • Movies for sale;
  • Movies in distribution (i.e., theaters, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Netflix);
  • Television or digital broadcast in which the Licensed Work was sold;
  • Movie Trailers accessible with an exchange of consideration, such as in theaters;
  • Media displayed in a movie theater (i.e., in the lobby for promotional use)
  • Website streaming, accessible through payment;
  • Industrial uses (i.e., store displays).

But, wait! Though it may seem like it, the Extended and Choice licenses do not cover absolutely everything. Media in which an Extended or Choice license would not be acceptable include:

  1. Preloaded video content (on a TV or computer) in any form;
  2. As part of a website template for resale.

And as always, if you are unsure of the license you need, just ask us! Email and you can bet we’ll help you get sorted.

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