What does the Choice License cover?

So, our Choice License is something special. It is the recipe from which the special sauce was made.

You may have noticed that if a clip offers a Choice License, there are no other options—no Standard, nor Extended.

In this case, a “Choice” story or clip is called that for a number of reasons: because our filmmaker designated it so; because it’s exceptional; and because these are, in many ways, the authentic cream of the crop. And, often times, a "Choice" clip predominantly features the filmmakers family members or close friends.

Just as we've built Story & Heart in order to celebrate authenticity wherever it may be found, our filmmakers sometimes capture such realness and honesty only with great difficulty or personal involvement. 

That’s what “Choice” means, and it’s reflected in the license’s price point. As such, a Choice License comes with the exact same features and restrictions as the Extended License—nothing, absolutely nothing, will prevent these stories from changing the world!

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