What does the Extended License cover?

How’d we know you’d ask this? :)

The Extended License covers most of the same stuff the Standard License covers—but with one significant difference. Just in case you skipped over the Standard License information in the previous question, let’s restate those coverages again.

(If you’ve read this already, you can probably scroll down a bit. Thanks for bearing with us!)

  • Client Restrictions: None! Celebrate the success of your—of our—peers and encourage them to know what’s best for them to do to grow in their craft.
  • Lifespan: Perpetual. That’s a fancy way of saying “forever”. If you’re a bit commitment-phobic, this may seem intimidating, but we just want to make sure this license lasts you for a while, is all.
  • Distribution: Worldwide. Or galactic if we end up on Mars soon. Not even the earth’s atmosphere should stand between you and a well-told story!
  • Media: Any media, now known or ever to be created. This includes everything from TV, to the Internet, to even board room presentations. Maybe one day this will include holograms! We’re just making sure you’ve got your future self covered—whatever way that person happens to manifest.
  • Content: Almost anything goes! But what doesn’t go? Content that is illegal, pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise generally considered unethical.
  • Uses: Single Use. Yes, you can only use this license once. We don’t do this to be stingy, but to ensure that the blood, sweat, tears, and cheers of our filmmaking community are celebrated, respected, and appropriately rewarded. So each license is good for a single use, which includes time-based edits to your work, like a 60-second presentation along with its 30-second edit. What “single use” doesn’t include, however, are different versions. Think about the context in which the licensed work appears, where much of the content is the same, but there is some different content included or excluded, ordered differently, or edited to greatly different tone: that is a different “version”.

If you did read what the Standard License covers, then by now you’d be expecting that aforementioned special sauce. We aren’t ones to disappoint.

With an Extended License, you CAN provide access to the Licensed Work (the final piece, work, or film in which the licensed story is used) in exchange for payment. DVD distribution? No problem! Theater viewings? Whatevs! Call in all your friends! You were able to sell the rights to your mini-series to HBO? Go celebrate with full knowledge that your legal standing is sound! We’ve got you covered with this license, friend.

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