Why is Story & Heart called Story & Heart?

We are driven by story, and we are guided by heart. These are what define us, what push us, and what give us purpose. 

We are driven by story: to understand how all of us are connected through the narratives of our lives, to seek authenticity as a goal unto itself, and to celebrate the passion shared by real people interacting honestly.

And we are guided by heart: to listen to the stories our lives are telling us, to trust that by striving to tell the stories we love we will inspire others to do so, and to believe that the stories we love will change the world.

This is what it means to be a storyteller: to know that one's story and heart must be in sync. To not just believe, but know that every single one of us has a story worth telling, that storytelling defines our humanity, and that profit and commercial gain have no place above the stories that make us who we are.

We are Story & Heart.

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